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Infant Music Classes In North Vancouver, BC

Azars' Music School is offering Group music classes for kids under 4-5 years old. This enjoyable program in which we explore different musical activities with a mixed approach of teaching methods including Orff, Kodaly, Suzuki, and Dalcroze, would be the best program for your kid to learn the fundamentals of music in an interactive, fun, and nurturing environment. These classes are designed for children to be attended with their parents or caregiver. In this way, not only your kid will be able to improve his/her abilities to move to the beat, clapping the rhythm, singing the songs, and playing with various percussion instruments, but also you as a parent or caregiver will be able to learn the basics of music theory and singing while we are dancing and jamming with different musical instruments in a playful and calm environment. The advantage of this weekly 45-minutes program is that not only your kid will enjoy every minute of this class but also you as an adult will experience enjoyable moments with your beloved kids while you actually learn about the music theory, singing fundamentals, and recognizing your kid's musical behaviour.

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