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Cello Lessons In North Vancouver, BC

Cello is a wooden musical instrument descendant from Northern Italy. The cello has an enormous range, and it's been said that it's most typical of the range of the human voice. The cello is commonly used in classical, Jazz, Rock, and Pop music. There are vast numbers of techniques that can be played on the string with or without the bow. A shortlist of them would be vibrato, pizzicato, double stops, harmonics, and spiccato. In our lessons, we strive to maintain a balanced posture, more fluid phrasing in the performance, and less tension in the body. There are many brilliant and enjoyable movements that you can do on the cello such as animal impressions, cello twirling, and playing The Swan by Camille Saint-Saëns with a lemon!

Lessons are customized to the needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing technique, bowing and plucking, and posture (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory and ear training and improvisation

  • Awareness of Body and Mental preparation to manage performance anxiety and self-confidence

  • Solo and ensemble music, etudes, orchestral works, and music of your choice

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