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Flute Lessons In North Vancouver, BC

Flute is a unique and melody instrument that you can play so many beautiful tunes on it. Flute is a small and versatile musical instrument that you can take it anywhere. Our lessons are available for many different genres including Pop, Jazz, Classical, Rock and roll and many more. By learning flute you can improve your body coordination especially for engaging your eyes, mouth, tongue, and hands all at the same time. Since flute is a wind instrument that needs blowing into the instrument for making sounds, you can strengthen your core muscles by playing flute which is by having a daily respiratory workout.

Lessons are customized to needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing a solid tone, technique, articulation, and posture (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory and ear training

  • Awareness of Body and Mental preparation to manage performance anxiety and self-confidence

  • Solo and ensemble music, etudes, orchestral works, and music of your choice

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