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We provide ear training lessons to all ages and levels. You will work with our teachers to find the best method for your need and learn ear training in a wide variety of music genres. Our teachers foster students both artistic and theoretical aspects of music. We strive to inspire our students with our genuine love for music and engage them about the musics, which they love. We believe it is important to provide instruction to allow our students to flourish with clear objectives and music learning targets. We aim to value individual learning styles and provide condition and activities that would be useful for each student. Our primary goal is to be responsive to our students’ pace and depth of learning. We believe that as a teacher it is crucial to adjust our teaching strategies and be flexible for each individual student.

University Preparation Program To Study Music

Azars’ Music School offers pathways to pursue your passion for music and prepare for future post-secondary education at College/University in North America. At Azars’ Music School, we provide instruction in musical instruments, music theory, music history, voice leading (harmony), composition, and vocal lessons.

Through this pathway, you will be able to balance both academically, and from the viewpoint of choosing a career path. The preparatory courses at Azars’ Music School give you the fundamental requirement for music, whether you’re striving for a career as a performer, composer, teacher, or recording technician. The students will develop their knowledge and skills through active learning in the selected subject areas and prepare themselves practicing the basics of music for a future music career. 

Lessons are customized to the needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing a solid technique on your chosen musical instrument or voice

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory, Ear Training, and Voice leading

  • Preparatory lessons for your audition and placement Music Theory/ History exams

  • Recording your audition 

  • Helping you through the process for applying for colleges/ universities in North America such as finding colleges/ universities, choosing your repertoire, writing your resume and statement of purpose

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