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Piano Lessons In North Vancouver, BC

Learning to play Piano allows you to experience a whole new world in your life. This beautiful instrument has a great historical and cultural heritage that brings lots of joy to your home. 

By learning Piano you can improve your hand-eye coordination in younger students and also it can increase the level of Human Growth Hormone which slows down the effect of ageing, lowers your blood pressure, and increasing immune response in adults. Other advantages of playing the piano are including improving your memory, developing your creativity, and lowering your anxiety and depression. Our Piano lesson is available to various genres including Pop, Classical, Jazz, Rock and many more.

Lessons are customized to needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing a solid technique and harmony skills to be able to play chord progressions, scales, triads... (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory, ear training, and improvisation

  • Awareness of Body and Mental preparation to manage performance anxiety and self-confidence

  • Solo repertoire, etudes, orchestral works, and music of your choice

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