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Violin Lessons In North Vancouver, BC

Violin is an important instrument in a wide variety of musical genres.

Violin has a beautiful shape and sweet sound that you can play different melodies and harmony on it. This beautiful instrument is small and you can carry it so easily. 

By learning to play the violin you will be able to reduce your stress, enhance your memory, and improve your confidence.

Our lessons are available for many different genres including classical, jazz, pop, rock and roll and many more. 

Our lessons are customized to the needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing posture, holding violin and bow, left hand position, curve fingers, play with “straight bow”, create good tone, bow speed control, pinky development, tone production, dynamics and phrasing, tone color development, vibrato…. (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory and ear training

  • Awareness of Body and Mental preparation to manage performance anxiety and self-confidence

  • Solo and ensemble music, etudes, orchestral work, and music of your choice

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