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Guitar Lessons In North Vancouver, BC

Whether you like to play some popular or classical songs on Acoustic Guitar or some cool blues or rock and roll music on Electric Guitar, we are offering all those at Azars' Music School. By learning and playing Guitar you would be able to improve your cognitive and muscle memory vastly regardless of your age and level. You can also develop your physical coordination since you need to be able to read Guitar TABS and score, playing chords, identifying strings, keeping the beat, and listening to your music while you are playing. On the other hand playing Guitar can release your stress and tension after a long day. Being able to play some pretty love songs will help you to reduce your nervousness and lower your blood pressure.

Lessons are customized to needs of each student including in the following areas:

  • Developing technique, strumming and picking, and posture (Beginner to Advanced)

  • Improving the basics of Music Theory and ear training

  • Ability to play different chords and scales

  • Solo and ensemble music, etudes, orchestral works, and music of your choice

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