Flutist, Songwriter, and pianist, Helia Azar, was awarded outstanding talent prize in Fadjr International Festival three times in Tehran, Iran. She had the opportunity to work with so many great musicians in the United States, Canada, and Iran and also as a teacher at different universities and music institutes such as the University of Minnesota, Boise State University, and the University of Tehran. She has more than 15 years of experience in the music industry and recently got her certificate in Digital Music Production from Langara College. She studied as a doctorate candidate in flute performance and teaching assistant at the University of Minnesota in the United States. She got her Master's degree in Music from Boise State University in the United States and her Bachelor's degree in Music from the University of Tehran. She is the founding member, piano, flute, and voice teacher at Azars Music School. 

Violinist, Pianist, and songwriter, Peyman Azar, awarded different Scholarships during his study at Vancouver Community College. He has more than 25 years experience as a teacher and performer in music industry and worked with different orchestras and music ensembles such as WestCoast Symphony Orchestra. He was participating in many performances in Roudaki Hall, Niavaran, Shafagh and Arasbaran Cultural House. Peyman started music composing after graduation, with Raga Sound Studio. As a music composer, he collaborated in some animations which were produced by Abnus Company for Iran national channel 2. He graduated from Vancouver Community College and studied at Tehran Music Conservatory. He is the founding member, piano, violin, and tombak teacher at Azars' Music School.

Peyman Azar

Helia Azar

Cellist and pianist, Nila Azar is an active musician and performer in Vancouver, BC. She was awarded a scholarship to pursue her Bachelor's degree at UBC School of Music. She studied at Tehran Music Conservatory and had been playing Cello for more than ten years. She performed with different orchestras and music ensembles in Iran and Canada. She had the opportunity to receive scholarships from the UBC music summer camp and North Shore music academy for two consecutive years. Nila worked with many great musicians such as Professor Eric Wilson, Liane Langton, Dine Sanford, and Jonathan Der in Vancouver. As an active music instructor, she taught Cello, piano, music theory, and kids group classes for more than six years. She is a performer at the UBC Symphony Orchestra and working as a volunteer performer at various fundraising events. 

Nila Azar

Arsam Anvari

Guitarist and singer, Arsam Anvari, has more than 18 years of hands-on experience in music industry. Competent in playing a wide range of musical instruments such as guitar: pop, classic, flamenco, bass guitar, electric guitar; Harmonica, Oud, and Setar. He learnt the basics of sound recording under the supervision of various professionals of Iranian State TV and Radio. He taught introduction to recording studio equipment. He was a member of the Iranian Music Teachers’ Association. He has performed in Iran with various traditional, pop & rock bands such as Mana, Flamenco Group,… and has been active in performing and teaching since his emigration to Canada.  He has also recorded albums for many singers and played with famous Iranian singers in his career.

Currently he studies music at Vancouver Community College. He is working as a Guitar and Voice teacher at Azars' Music School.

Arsam Anvari

Leslie Lau, the Drums instructor, has received extensive formal music education in The Contemporary Music & Technology programme at Selkirk College. He is honoured to have learned from some influential music figures in the country, i.e. Steven Parish— the mentee of the legendary Les Paul, the Juno Award-winning Jazz Guitarist Mike Rud, and Pianist David Restivo.
With over ten years of music experience, Leslie is knowledgeable in various contemporary styles of music and is sophisticated in Groove and Jazz. He has been performing in restaurants and music lounges in various cities. Leslie aspires to display moments of musical enlightenment to
students and guide them through their music journey. He believes everyone can be musical and rhythmic, regardless of age or background.

Leslie Lau

Although Michael Streit’s interest in music dates back to his teenage years when he played bassguitar in local bands, his formal training began when he discovered the tār. Studying the tār with Hossein Behroozina in his twenties led Michael to enrol in the Diploma program at VCC, where, majoring in Persian classical music, he met and performed with Peyman Azar. As an adult learner who did not grow up inside Iranian culture, Michael believes that it is never too early or too late to begin learning something new—and that music across the world provides a unique platform to learn from and connect with other people. Studying the dastgāh system of Persian classical music and the radif repertoire has convinced Michael that music can be approached just like a language, and this understanding is how he connects his musical practice and teaching with the Master’s degree in Literature he earned from UBC in 2018. Just like he has applied his experience with the tār to acquiring fluency with the setār and the oud,Michael believes that music is a lifelong pursuit that strengthens the player in more ways than one. He is happy to share this pursuit with his students.

Michael Streit