Choosing the right Musical Instrument

Are you thinking to take music lessons but not sure what musical instrument to begin with? Contact Azars' Music School and we will help you through the whole process to choose the right musical instrument for you.

Buying a Musical Instrument

Buying a musical instrument for the first time could be difficult. Contact Azars' Music School and we will help you to buy or rent the right musical instrument to fit your needs and budget.

Online Music Lessons

Learn an instrument and make some music in the comfort of your home anytime and anywhere you are. You just need internet, your instrument, and a video call application on your phone, tablet, or laptop such as Skype, Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp.

Piano Lesson
Playing the transverse flute
Playing Cello
All the lessons, consultations, and free trial lessons will be by appointment only. 

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