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Summer Camp Policy

Medical Emergencies

In the event of an accident, injury or illness involving the registrant, and immediate contact by the Program Provider with a designated contact cannot be made, I hereby authorize and grant permission to Program Provider staff at Azars' Music School to secure proper medical treatment and authorize on the registrant’s behalf all procedures, including, without limitation, admission to an emergency unit, hospital and treatment therein, ordering of x‐rays, tests or treatment, injections, anesthesia and/or surgery, as deemed necessary by the attending medical professional(s). I agree not to hold Azars' Music School, the Program Provider, its directors and their employees, responsible for any costs or injury arising out of an emergency situation.

Waiver and Release of all Claims

As additional consideration for the student’s instruction, the undersigned parent(s), or guardian(s) of the student(s) hereby releases and waives any and all claims against Azars' Music School and its directors, its employees and staff including but not limited to personal and bodily injures and loss of or damage to property of the student which may occur while participating in camp activities.The undersigned represents that the student is in good health and does not have any history of a medical or physical condition that would place the student at risk because of his/her participation in such as activities. The undersigned further acknowledges that Azars' Music School Staff intends to properly warm up the students before engaging them in any physical activity and will take every precaution to ensure a safe working environment. However, the camper's instruction involves physical exercise that could result in injury, so the undersigned should accept all risks arising from such activities.

Permission to Photograph and Record

I hereby give The Azars' Music School permission to use images of my child (including any motion picture or still photographs made by Azars' Music School of my child’s likeness, poses, acts and appearances or the sound records made by Azars' Music School of my child’s voice and performance) ("Images") for any purposes in connection with promoting Azars' Music School and its activities (the “Purposes”), which may include advertising, promotion and marketing. Azars' Music School may crop, alter or modify Images of my child and combine such Images with other images, text, audio recordings and graphics without notifying me. 

Fees and Deadlines

I understand the fee is due on June 14th, 2021 and for the respective dates on July 12th and August 9th and no refunds are provided after the mentioned due dates.

Cancellation by Azars' Music School 

I understand Azars' Music School has the right to cancel the Camp a week before the starting date if there would be not enough students to run the program. In case of cancellation, Azars' Music School will refund the full amount.

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