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Tips for Buying low-budget Piano for Beginners

Are you looking for to buy a low budget piano but you don't know where to start? If you are living in Vancouver area here are some tips to get your first piano in a low budget.

If you are living in Vancouver area and want to see what options you have to buy your first piano, you can start with two major music stores which are Long and Mcquade and Tom Lee.

Long and Mcquade or Tome Lee

  • You can rent different digital pianos for as low as $12 per month for a 61-key Yamaha Keyboard or $49 for a full size (88 keys) Yamaha digital piano. You can also take advantage of their "rent to own" option after several months of renting to own the piano.

  • Yamaha P-125 would be the best low-budget option for a full size, weighted key digital piano that you can get from these stores for about $800. Just bear in mind that you need to get a stand and a bench separately and you have 30 days to return your purchase if you choose to buy from these stores.


  • The other option that you have, is to buy a complete digital piano package from Costco starting from $700 that you can get a Roland CGO full size (88 keys) weighted keys with stand, bench , and headphone. One advantage of buying your first piano from Costco is that you have the option to return your purchase for 90 days so in this way you have enough time to see if you like your piano or not.


  • Of course amazon is your online option to buy your piano. Again your best low-budget option from Amazon would be Yamaha P-125 which is about $800. You can also get the X-frame stand for $45 or wooden stand for $129 and the bench is about $39.

Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

  • The other option that you have is to buy used piano. I definitely don't recommend to get a used digital piano since you can't really find out if the piano is in a good shape or not and you don't obviously have the option to return your purchase. The other point is that you can get a good quality digital piano for as low as $700 so it doesn't make sense to get a $500 used digital piano without knowing if it is in a good shape or not.

  • Buying used Upright piano would be a good option since there are so many people who wants to get ride of their piano simply cause they are not playing piano any more. You can find so many good upright piano even for free on craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

  • If you decide to get an upright piano from craigslist or Facebook marketplace, just keep in mind that you need to pay about $200-500 for moving the piano and also you need a piano technician to tune your piano twice a year which would cost about $100-150 each time.

For sure getting your first piano would be overwhelming. If you still need more information to get your first low-budget piano or you are not sure which option would be the best for you, make sure to contact our professional team at Azars' Music School to help you through this process and take advantage of our free consultation.

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