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How To Restring Your Cello

The process of restringing the cello sounds difficult, but it could be much simpler once you know what steps you have to take.

  1. First thing first, you have to lay the cello on its back, so it won't cause the sound post to move around as much.

  2. Start to loosen the C string until the string is unwound, and you can pull the string out down to the tailpiece.

  3. Keep the old string in its cover, and don't throw it away.

  4. Put the new C string into the tailpiece—the ball at the end of the thread and through the fine tuner. Make sure that it's seated correctly.

  5. Then, thread the string through the hole in the peg and turn the peg towards the scroll. Make sure to wound the string as uniformly as you can.

  6. Now that we have tension on the top, check that the ball is firmly in the tailpiece, and the string is in the slot of the bridge.

  7. Continue to wind the string up. As it gets to pitch, push a tiny bit more into the pegbox to hold it in the place.

  8. Repeat the same process for the three other strings one by one.

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