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What is the best age to start music lessons?

I was asked by so many people that "when is the best age to start music lessons for my child?" Actually, there isn't a definite answer to this question and it might varies from student to student.

Over the years, at Azars' Music School, we taught to many different students with different ages starting from infant for our group music classes and starting from 2 years old for our one on one music lessons. When you start learning music, it is like starting to learn a new language. Musical experience in an early ages is so crucial in child's developmental process.The sooner you start to learn this language, the better you get at this skill.

In fact, we can't say that all music teachers are agreed upon a definite age to start music lessons cause each student is different and we can't generalized it to all the students. What might work for your four year old child might not work for the other four year old student and that's why we honor all learning styles and all ages at our school. We believe that as a teacher it is crucial to adjust our teaching strategies for each individual student. Also, your roll as the parents would be so significant in your child musical development. By observing your child, even your infant or your three year old kid, you will find out what musical activities your kid is doing in their daily life like dancing, clapping, or banging with spoon and then you can guide their passion into group music classes or one on one music lessons depending on each student. For sure, the goal for the kids in early ages is not to be master on an instrument, but to achieve a more meaningful experience of music by knowing how to move to the beat, how to imitate a tone, and be exposed to experience different musical instruments. These mostly happen in group music classes which are usually informal classes with the participation of parents. Later on, they will start to learn how to read music, identify the beat and melody in one on one music lesson setting.

Am I too old to start music lessons?

For those of you who think maybe you are too old to start music lessons, our suggestion is to just give it a try and if as an adult you are passionate about music, for sure you will love it.

At Azars' Music School we will help you to find out which music lesson would be the best for your child. So make sure to contact us and take advantage of our free consultation. On the other side, if you think you are too old to start music lessons, make sure to book your FREE trial lesson today to give it a try.

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